Chiranjeevi and Akkineni Nagarjuna are the two superstars in Tollywood.

Off the screen these are best friends too.

The two leading actors are all set for a box office clash, which is quite unexpected.

The duo actors never had a box office clash earlier, audience are excited to see who is going to win the contest.

Nagarjuna's The Ghost and Chiranjeevi's God Father are slated for release on 5th October

But it looks like the box office clash is not going to happen

Rumours are doing rounds that Chiranjeevi is in plans to postpone the film.

According to rumours Chiranjeevi is upset with the film's buzz, Chiru wants to take time to do massive promotions

Chiranjeevi doesn't want to have a box office clash with Nagarjuna's The Ghost.

As The Ghost has better hype than Chiru's God Father.

Akkineni fans slams that Nagarjuna's Ghost has scared Chiru's God Father.

But there is no official confirmation in God Father Postpone.