Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 has successfully entered into 11th week.

 Currently there are 10 contestant in the house.

 The show is turning to be more interesting, as it is inching towards finale.

 The weekend is going to arrive in couple of days, audience are eagerly waiting for Bigg Boss to eliminate Sri Satya from the house.

 Bigg Boss viewers are upset with Sri Satya, her over-action and provoking behaviour has irked the audience.

 According to the unofficial voting polls Sri Satya is in bottom of the list with least votes.

 Netizens are demanding Bigg Boss makers to eliminate Sri Satya from the house.

 There are high chances for Sri Satya to get eliminated from the Bigg Boss house.

 A section of audience slams that Sri Satya is behaving same like Geethu Royal in the house.