Megastar Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan were last seen in Acharya.

 The film has ended up as the biggest disastrous film of the year.

 Acharya faced huge rejection at the box office.

Acharya director Koratala Siva opted this film for own release.

 Koratala Siva faced huge losses with Acharya has he had to pay back the losses to distributers of the film.

 Netizens trolled Chiranjeevi for responding to the losses of Acharya bared by Koratala Siva.

 In the latest interview Chiranjeevi confirmed that he and Ram Charan have returned 80% of their remuneration to pay the losses.

 Chiranjeevi further added that "We take the whole responsibility if the film fails.

 Chiranjeevi also stated that he has no guilty feeling about Acharya film.

 Netizens are praising Chiranjeevi for his kind gesture