India's leading actress Priyanka Chopra is hitting the headlines over RRR controversy.

 Priyanka Chopra is the one who stood by RRR team in Oscar campaign in Los Angelos.

 Shockingly the dazzling beauty is facing huge trolls for RRR and Telugu fans.

 Going in detail Priyanka was recently interviewed by Podcast channel Armchair expert Dax Shepard.

 When the Dax Shepard said RRR is from Bollywood.

 Priyanka quickly corrected the host by saying " No RRR is A Tamil Film".

 She further stated that " Its Tamil stars who always come up with super hit film.

 Actually, this is what irked audience, RRR is the pride of Telugu cinema.

 Which is directed by Telugu film maker Raja and Telugu stars Ram  Charana and NTR are the lead roles

 Telugu audience slams Priyanka Chopra to have an idea about things before she specks.