Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan busted out at YSRCP leader Today at Gannavaram.

 Pawan Kalyan attended Janasena political meeting today.

 While address the meeting Pawan Kalyan criticised YSRCP government over their ruling.

 Pawan Kalyan lost his control over him and lashed at YSRCP leaders for calling his Package star.

 Pawan Kalyan's aggressive speech set fire among the Janasainik's.

 Not just that Pawan Kalyan showed his slipper and said "Cheppu Teeskoni Kodatha Kodakallara" to YCP leaders.

 Pawan also stated that he is not going to tolerate if anyone calls him package star.

 Pawan Kalyan said that he is going to declare war against YCP leaders and government.

 Look like the aggressive speech of Pawan Kalyan is going to make many controversies in Andhra politics