Prabhas Adipurush is the highly anticipated film of the year.

Adipurush is a Hindu Mythological drama based on Ramayana, the film is being made with 500crs budget.

The makers of the film are facing huge trolls from audience for the Teaser.

Adipurush teaser was launched on 2nd October, the teaser failed to reach audience expectations.

Starting from costumes, VFX to cast selection nothing was eye catching in the Teaser.

Moreover, it looked like it was some Cartoons show or animated film.

The film director Om Raut faced huge trolling from audience, and it look like even Prabhas is upset with the Teaser.

According to the latest report we hear that Om Raut has hired a new team to do changes in VFX.

Om Raut is going to make huge changes in the film, to give better output to audience.

Om Raut is confident that the Trailer is going to impress the audience