Young tiger Ntr is one of the biggest superstar in Tollywood

The temper actor has celebrated his 39th birthday yesterday

Fans have celebrated Ntr's birthday on a grand note with lots of love 

On the occasion of his birthday Ntr's biggest blockbuster RRR has been released on Zee5

A section of audience are unhappy with Ntr's role in RRR after watching the film on Ott

More over Rajamouli dint made a single tweet about Ntr on his birthday, this has set fire among the ntr fans

A section of audience slams that Ram Charan was the lead actor in the film, NTR was just given a second lead role in RRR

RRR is the biggest block buster film in his career

Still the fans have spreaded the propaganda saying Rajamouli dosen't have good norms with Ntr

This is the worst gift for Ntr on his birthday