Last Friday was a bang at box office as to big films Major and Vikram have released in theatres.

Major had setup huge hype among the audience as it a true story of Military officer who was killed in Mumbai attack 2008.

Whereas as Kamal Hassan’s Vikram dint had much hype among the audience.

Though the film has huge Cast of Kamal, Vijay sethupathi and Fahadh Fassil.

The makers dint promote the cinema well.

Still Kamal Hassan’s Vikram stands tall and beats the records of Major.

Though Major was released in Pan Indian Level it couldn’t reach 100 gross.

But Vikram has already reached to 180 crs and aiming to join 200 crs club.

Kamal Hassan’s no buzz movie Vikram is having upper hand against Adivi sesh’s pan Indian film Major.