One has to accept the fact that Bigg Boss Hindi is the most loved reality show in India.

 No other languages shows can ever beat the Hindi Version of Bigg Boss.

 The way Salman hosts the show is epic, and no one else can host like Salman.

 The 16 edition of Bigg Boss Hindi is running successfully with highest TRP's.

 Bigg Boss viewers wants this particular contestant to become the winner of the season.

 Who is none other than Abdu Rozik.

 The Tajikistan Singer and Blogger Abdu Rozik is the most loved contestant in and out of Bigg Boss house.

 Netizens are going mad about Abdu Rozik

 One cannot take off their eyes from Abdu Rozik.

 His cuteness and humble nature have won millions of Indian's hearts.

 Netizens want Abdu Rozik to become the winner of the season.

 There are high chances for him to become the winner, as he has immense following all over the country.