One has to accept the fact that Chiranjeevi is the biggest superstar in Tollywood.

Chiranjeevi is hitting the headlines as his upcoming film God Father's First look has been released.

The first look and the glimpse of the film have been released yesterday.

God Father is the remake of the Malayalam Blockbuster film Lucifer.

Chiranjeevi Looks Dynamic the poster and Glimpse.

The Malayalam and Lucifers movie fans are trolling Chiranjeevi for his looks in the glimpse.

God Father's Glimpse and First look  was not up to the expectations of Malayalam fans

Malayalam  fans dint like Chiranjeevi 's looks in God Father first look and Glimpse

Lucifer is the biggest blockbuster film in Malayalam.

Mohan Lal has nailed his character and brought huge recognition to the Malayalam film industry with the Lucifer film.

A section of the audience slams that Chiranjeevi cannot match up to Mohan Lal in God Father remake.