Prabhas Adipurush is all set to land in theatres on 16th June 2023.

 The film has set up enough buzz with a promising trailer and first single.

The eye-catching VFX and heart-touching melodies and drama in the trailer have stolen the hearts of millions.

The special screening of Adipurush which was supposed to be screened at the Tribeca festival on 13th June got cancelled.

The makers have cancelled this due to unknown reasons.

 There is a wide rumour being spread in film circles that Prabhas wantedly cancelled the special screening at the Tribeca festival.

As he is afraid of negative reviews and trolling on social media.

It is being heard that Prabhas wants to hold the suspense among the audience, till the last moment of its release.

So that there will not be any fake reviews or false propaganda about the film.

 The film will premiere at the Tribeca festival on 15th June along with UISA Premieres.

Adipurush will land in theatres on 16th May 2023.