Natural Star Nani has a separate recognition in Tollywood.

The self made actor has stolen million of audience with his natural acting and unique films.

Nani’s is the only actor to have 6 consecutive hits in a row.

The successful actor is now struggling for hit.

His last few films are not upto the range of Nan’s though the films are getting positive reviews the collections have dipped at the box office.

His latest outing "Ante sundaraniki” also dint perform well, the films collects have dipped since day one

A section of audience slams that Nani’s head weight is making his films flop.

Netizens slam that Nani has got attitude after getting fame and back to back hits.

Audience  feel that Nani’s way of talking and his over confidence is the reason behind his downfall.

On career front Nani will be seen in Dasara movie.