The popular reality show Bigg Boss Telugu has entered into 8th.

 The show is running successfully with decent TRP's.

 Akkineni Nagarjuna is hosting the show tremendously well

 As if now Geethu and Revantha are the strongest contestants in the house.

 Looks like Nagarjuna is taking revenge on Geethu Royal.

 If you have observed Nagarjuna is ignoring Geethu Royal in weekend episodes.

 There is a solid reason for it, Geethu Royal made a satire and funny joke on Nagarjuna, though he warned her Geethu repeated the same.

 Which has irked Nagarjuna as well as audience.

 Geethu is one of the contestants who gets into unnecessary controversies and loses her tongue over housemates.

 Geethu is getting less screen space in the house comparing to first 3 weeks.

 A section of audience are happy with Nagarjuna for ignoring Geethu Royal