The strongest contestant in BB house Geethu Royal got evicted from house this Sunday

 Geethu Royal's elimination has shocked not only her fans but also her haters.

 Geethu elimination was quite surprising for Bigg Boss viewers.

 As she is the strongest and brave contestant in the house.

 Netizens are happy with Geethu's elimination.

 While a section of audience slams that Nagarjuna wantedly eliminated Geethu from the house.

 If you have observed Nagarjuna has warned Geethu several times to change her behaviour.

 Geethu disobeyed Nagarjuna and made funny satires on Nagarjuna.

 Which irked Nagarjuna as well as viewers.

 A section of Geethu fans slams that keeping all this in mind Nagarjuna have eliminated Geethu from the house.

 Reality is host Nagarjuna cannot eliminated anyone by his own.

 The elimination will happen based on the voting results