Ranbir Kapoor's Magnum Opus Brahmastra was released in theatres on 9th of this month.

The film is shattering all the existing records at the Box Office.

Brahmastra is a much-needed breakthrough for Bollywood, as they were no hit for Bollywood from past couple of years.

Is Brahmastra being really Block-buster, then it's a big no, Brahmastra has opened with a mixed reviews from several quarters.

There is nothing new in the film except the VFX and huge star cast in the film.

Some of the audience are sharing online ticket bookings of the film were hardly 10 to 15 seats are getting booked for the show.

With this kind of result how can a film collect 250 crs at the box office?

A section of audience slams that the makers of the film are cheating the public with fake collections.

Netizens slams that the makers are play cheap tricks to attract the audience with their fake collections.

It is yet to be known how much the original collection of the film is.

Brahmastra features Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in lead roles.