Tarak Ratna’s 13th day ceremony was held yesterday in Hyderabad

 Entire Nandamuri family members have attended the Pedda Karma.

 Young tiger NTR, Balakrishna, Kalyan Ram and others were pepped at the event.

 What grabbed everyone’s attention is Balakrishna din’t even give eye contact to NTR yesterday.

 In the entire event function the duo din’t talk to each other.

 Though NTR stood when Balakrishna came nearby, Balayya was in no mood to give eye contact to NTR

 Which has irked most of the Nandamuri fans.

 According to rumours Balakrishna is upset with NTR ever-since he din’t react much when Valabaneni Vamshi abused Chandrababu Naidu’s wife.

 Inside talk is that Balayya and his sister Purandeshwari are upset with NTR for not reacting to those comments.

 Though NTR is away from politics, the political issues are bringing gap between him and Nandamuri family