Here are the reasons for Liger to get negative response.

Vijay Devarakonda's stuttering slang is the major drawback from the film, though initially it was entertaining  later it was boring the audience.

Puri Jaganaadh is mainly known for his powerful dialogues, but their was no solid dialogues in the film.

Their was nothing new is the script expect mixed marshal arts.

The legendary Boxer was in half colour in the film, Puri failed to utilize Mike Tyson in the film

Though Ananya got a significant role in the film, her unprofessional skills acting chops spoiled her character in the film

Ramya Krishna's Mother and Son sentiment gave some hope for the film

A section of audience slams that Vijay's over confident was also a reason for films failure.

Puri Jaganaddh came out of his comfort zone and made Liger film, which is also a reason for film's disaster.

Liger is not upto the standards of Puri Jagannadh