Geethu Royal is the strongest contestant in the Bigg Boss house.

 At the same time Geethu is the most irritating contestant in the house.

 Since day 1 viewers are hating Geethu for her overaction in the house.

 Her arrogant behaviour with housemates irked Nagarjuna and Viewers as well.

 Though Nagarjuna warned her several times yet there is no change in her behaviour.

 Geethu once again showing her cunning and rude behaviour with Bala Adithya.

 In the latest promo Geethu was seen hiding cigarette lighter, which made Bala Adithya emotions.

 Most of the audience dint like Geethu's behaviour with Bala Aditya.

 Netizens are demanding the show organizers to eliminate Geethu from the house

 Its yet be seen whether Bigg Boss is going eliminated Geethu or not