The clash between Chiranjeevi and Garikapati Narsimha Rao is the talk of the town.

 Their fight has led to many controversies in Tollywood.

 The cold war has once again turned trending on social media.

 This time its Chiranjeevi reason behind the fight.

 Megastar Chiranjeevi has recently launched "Shunyam To Shikharagra Laku" book written by Senior Journalist.

 After gracing the event, a group of female audience approached Chiru to take pictures with him.

 While posing for pictures Chiranjeevi sarcastically asked audience "He isn't here right".

 Which was indirectly said to literary performer Garikapati Narsimha Rao.

 A section of audience are upset with Chiranjeevi for making fun of great literary performer.

 Chiranjeevi was last seen in God Father