One has to accept the fact that Bigg Boss Hindi is the most loved reality show.

 No other languages show can compare with Bigg Boss Hindi.

 Abdu Rozik is one most loved and popular contestant in the house.

 The Tajikistan singer come Boxer Abdu is getting huge love all over from India.

 Shockingly Abdu Rozik gets eliminated from the Bigg Boss house.

 As per the latest promo host Salman Khan orders Abdu Rozik to come out of the house.

 With the broken heart Abdu Rozik gets down from his seat to come out of the house.

 The entire house has burst into tears and requests Salman Khan not to eliminated Abdu Rozik.

 Salman Khan was really upset with the housemates, as they are nominating Abdu Rozik for no reason.

 A section of Bigg Boss slams that Salman wantedly asked Abdu to come out of the house to teach lesson to housemates.