Jr NTR skipped the RRR success party as he was upset that Charan got more screen space than him

Alia Bhatt also hurt that Rajamouli chopped most of her scenes in the film, as per the buzz

Ajay Devgan's character was just washed out in RRR, he is also not happy with the output of the film

Shriya Saran wasn't seen on the big screen for more than three minutes. She made a comeback but couldn't justify to her expectations

Rajeevi Kankala came as a ray of shine in the beginning of the film. Later, he wasn't seen in the film till the end. He also unhappy with Rajamouli's decision

Critics says that Ram Charan has given more screen space than NTR

RRR  is the biggest blockbuster after Bahubali

Ntr has nailed his character with his innocence in the film