Veteran Actor Sarath Babu Passes Away

May 22, 2023

Veteran Actor Sarath Babu Passes Away

Veteran actor Sarath Babu breathed his last today ie 22nd May, 2023. Sarath Babu was in extremely critical condition and was battling with multi-organ failure. On April 20th, Sarath Babu was admitted to Gachibowli’s AIG hospitals owing to a serious infection-related illness. Earlier, he was diagnosed with Sepsis which is said to have affected multi-organs. As per reports, Sarath’s kidneys, lungs and liver were affected due to Sepsis. A team of medical experts have treated Sarath Babu but no anvil.

It can be noted that Sepsis is a state where blood gets poisoned and affects the various organs in the body. It is caused when an already existing infection triggers a chain reaction throughout the body thus poisoning blood and the whole body. It is a life-threatening complication of an infection.

Sarath Babu is 73-year-old. He had been unwell for a while. Earlier last month, he was admitted to a private hospital in Chennai. Yet there were no signs of recovery. As the condition worsened, Sarath Babu was admitted to hospital in Hyderabad.

Sarath Babu acted in more than 300 films including Telugu and Tamil. He completed 50 years in the film industry and is part of so many classic films including Sagara Sangamam, Maro Charithra, Seethakoka Chiluka, Neerajanam, Panthulamma. He was also seen in Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab recently.

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