SatyaDev Thimmarusu Movie Review, Rating

July 30, 2021

SatyaDev Thimmarusu Movie Review, Rating

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Cast – SatyaDev, Priyanka Jawalkar, Brahmaji, Ajay, Jhansi and others

Director – Sharan Koppisetty

Producer – Mahesh S. Koneru Yarabolu Srujan

Banner – East Coast Productions S Originals

Music – Sri Charan Pakala

Cinematographer – Appu Prabhakar

Art: Kiran Kumar

After a lull over pandemic shutdown, theatres in the Telugu states have been thrown open for business. Satyadev’s Thimmarusu is one of the very first movies to have the privilege of theatrical release. The movie is a remake of the Kannada crime thriller Birbal. The trailer of the movie is intriguing. Sharan Koppisetty who earlier made Kirrak Party is the director of this movie. The movie was released today and here is the review.

Plot: Satyadev (Ramachandra) is a sincere lawyer in the film, who has the aim to serve the common people. Satyadev and Chaitanya(Aravind) are brothers in the film. One fine day, Aravind gets brutally killed by some unknown persons. A youngster who works at Pub (Vasu) meets with an accident, a bartender who observes the body lying in the car, informs the police about the murder. Unfortunately, The cops will file a case on him, as they found a knife in his bike. Aravind gets arrested as the accused in the crime. The court announces life imprisonment to him. Satyadev wants to re-open and investigate after eight years to do justice for Vasu. Satyadev wants to catch the real killer, Satyadev trying to help Vasu is to do justice for his brother Chaitanya who was murder by a retired police officer in the car. How he catches the killer and what are the obstacles he faces is the crux of the story.

Performance: Satyadev has yet again proved he can pull off any role easily. He steals the show with his mind-blowing performance. Brahmaji who works as an assistant to Satyadev pulled off his role pretty well. The comic scenes between Satyadev and Brahmi are one of the major highlights of the film. Jhansi, Ajay, Ravi Babu, Viva Harsha, and other supporting cast did justice to their roles. The whole team made the film a blockbuster hit with their performance.

Plus Points:

Satyadev’s acting
Brahmji comedy.

Verdict: Thimmarasu is a complete seat edge thriller. The director did a fantastic job of telling the story in a crispy way. It’s total paisa vasool. Go watch it this weekend.

Rating: 2.75