Thikamakathanda Film Grand Pre-Release Event

December 7, 2023

Thikamakathanda Film Grand Pre-Release Event

Thikamakathanda Pre-Release Event: Thikamakathanda, scheduled for release on December 15, introduces a unique concept of collective forgetfulness in a town. The pre-release event witnessed the presence of producers C. Kalyan, Damodar Prasad and Prasannakumar who commended the efforts of the movie team.

Producer C. Kalyan praised the dedication of director Venkat who had previously worked as an assistant to Gautham now known as Venkat. Highlighting the hard work put into the film he wished success to Venkat and the entire team. The movie stars twins Harikrishna and Ramakrishna as heroes, with Annie and Rekha Nirosha as heroines.

Producer Damodar Prasad expressed confidence in the intriguing trailer of Thikamakatanda, expecting it to be a successful venture produced by Tirupati Srinivas on TSR Movie Makers. He acknowledged Venkat’s hard work and anticipated the film’s success.

Producer Prasanna Kumar recognized the film’s unique title and expressed confidence in Venkat’s directorial abilities. He emphasized the importance of a good movie irrespective of its size and hoped for Thikamakatanda’s success.

Music director Suresh Bobbili thanked the producers and director for the opportunity to compose music for the film. Director Venkat shared his journey thanking the support of the entire cast producers and expressing his hope for the film’s success. Producer Tirupati Srinivasa Rao thanked the guests and spoke about the dedicated efforts put into making the film. Heroines Rekha Nirosha and Annie expressed gratitude for the opportunity emphasizing their wish for the film’s success.

Heroes Harikrishna and Ramakrishna highlighted their passion for the film expressing that it was made not for financial gains but out of love for the craft. They pledged to uphold their father’s trust and the reputation of their banner.

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