Telugu film Baby to be Remade in Hindi

December 20, 2023

Telugu film Baby to be Remade in Hindi

Baby Hindi Remade: The 2023 Telugu film ‘Baby,’ directed by Sai Rajesh Neelam, shattered box office records, showcasing a distinctive love story with a cast of semi-newcomers. Produced on an estimated budget of Rs. 15 crores ‘Baby’ has already grossed nearly Rs. 100 crores, establishing itself as one of the most successful small-budget ventures in history.

Excitingly, “Baby” is on the verge of being remade into Hindi. In an interview with the film’s producer, Sreenivasa Kumar Naidu, widely known as SKN in the Telugu industry, he expressed green signal at the prospect. He said “Yes sir, ‘Baby’ is set for a Hindi remake, and also in Tamil. In both versions, the cast will consist of fresh faces, either newcomers or semi-newcomers. The uniqueness of ‘Baby’ lay in its relatively unknown cast. Both Anand Deverakonda and Vaishnavi Chaitanya were not widely recognized, adding to the film’s charm. While some prominent star children in Bollywood express interest, we aim to maintain the essence of unexposed talent in the Hindi remake.”

SKN has been approached by some of the biggest producers in Filmistan for the remake rights, stating, “You’ll be surprised at the names interested in our small film, which unexpectedly became a blockbuster. With ‘Baby’ earning Rs. 96 crores at the box office, its success feels like destiny, a true miracle.”

Overwhelmed by remake requests, SKN has already identified the Hindi producer to whom he will entrust the remake rights. He emphasized, “It’s not just about the money; it’s also about placing my ‘Baby’ in capable hands. The chosen producer for the Hindi remake boasts a solid track record of credible projects. I am fully confident that he will do justice to ‘Baby.’ Regrettably, we are not prepared to disclose the producer’s name at this time.

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