Teja Sajja’s ‘Ishq Not A Love Story’ Review, Rating

July 30, 2021

Teja Sajja’s ‘Ishq Not A Love Story’ Review, Rating

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Young actor Teja Sajja’s ‘Ishq Not A Love Story’ has opened in theatres.After the first wave, Teja Sajja’s Zombie Reddy was released in theatres. Now, he has released another film ‘Ishq Not A Love Story after the second wave of the Coronavirus. If you are planning to book the tickets to watch ‘Ishq Not A Love Story’ in theatres. Are you waiting to read the review and before you book the ticket. Here we go:

Plot: Teja(Siddu) and Priya (Anansuya) characters’ names in the film. They will be in a relationship. Siddhu has a plan to introduce Anansuya to her family members. When Sidhu thought of taking her to home, co-incidentally it will be her birthday. Sidhu will plan a surprise party for her birthday, while they are on the way, Siddhu will ask Anasuya, can she kiss him. Anasuya feels very uncomfortable as it is public place. She will suggest him to take some other place so that she can kiss him. Unfortunately, while they were kissing two unknown people shot the video and they blackmail them. They pretended to be the police but actually, they are not. Why do they threaten Sidhu and Anasuya? How Sidhu pays the cash to them to escape from it. How their relationship after the incident is the gist of the story.

Performances: Teja and Priya Prakash Varrier weren’t kept much efforts into the film. The script is a bit dragging but the weak performance of the lead actors made the audience very boring.

Verdict: It’s one time watch for the audience.

Rating – 2