Takkar Review: Another Disaster From Siddharth

June 9, 2023

   Takkar Review: Another Disaster From Siddharth

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Talented actor Siddharth is once again back to Tollywood with Takkar, the romantic action drama has been released in theatres today. Siddharth was pretty much confident about the film before its release, he stated that Takkar is going to be his comeback movie. Let’s check out whether Siddharth succeeded to impress the audience or not. 


Gunashekar (Siddharth) is a poor boy who hails from a middle-class family, his only aim is to become a rich kid before he dies. He lands in Vizag in search of a good job, he starts doing jobs for survival which bring him huge humiliation. Later he gets a respectable job as a cab driver. In the meantime, he falls in love with Lucky (Divyanshu Kaushik) who is born with a golden spoon, who was grown up with all comforts and a luxuries lifestyle. 

In a shocking way, Lucky gets kidnapped by a mafia gang, and demands a hefty amount from her family, what happens next? Will Gunashekar Find Out Lucky? Will Gunashekar succeeds To Save her from them? Will He Express His Love to Her? To know this one has to watch the film. 


Siddharth is the wrong pick for this role, his lover boy looks in this action drama are a major drawback for the film. He was good in romantic shots, but action dint suits him much. Though Divyasha Kaushik impressed the audience with her performance, poor direction dominated her skills. 

Yogi’s comedy failed to bring a smile to the audience’s face, the entire cast failed to impress viewers. 

Technical Aspects:

Director Karthik G Krishna completed failed to execute the film properly, his poor direction affected the talented actor’s skills in the film. He completely trashed the film with his poor direction and screenplay. 

Nivas K Prasanna’s music and BGM were not up to the mark, his efforts in music dint help the film in any way. The editor went held colour; he would have made the film much better. 

The production values are quite high, as the film was produced by leading production banners People’s Media Factory and Abhishek Agarwal Arts.

What’s Not:

The film has no positive elements in It. 

What’s Not: 

Siddharth’s Performance

Poor Direction

Story Line 




Verdict: The film goes on with a boring phase, without any exciting elements, Takkar is the misfired action entertainer. Watch the film at your own risk. 

Chitraseema Rating: 1/5

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