‘Spider-Man: No Way Home` Sets New Benchmarks in India

December 20, 2021

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home` Sets New Benchmarks in India

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home becomes the biggest film of 2021 in India, with an opening weekend of Rs 138.55 Cr GBOC!

Globally, the film breaks post pandemic records grossing $587 million in the first weekend!

Sony Pictures Entertainment’s SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME launches to the highest opening weekend for the company, as it slings past the half a billion-dollar mark in just five days. Spider-Man: No Way Home dominated box office charts around the world with a global total of $587.2M, the third biggest opening ever.

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The friendly super-hero has yet again won the hearts of Indian fans and with shows still going house-full in several parts of the country. ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ nets the 2nd biggest opening weekend of all time for Hollywood films in India. India features in the top markets for the film worldwide, being the 5th biggest weekend opener in International markets.

Below is the breakup:

Collections: Thursday – 32.67 Cr NBOC 41.50 Cr GBOC

Friday – 20.37 Cr NBOC 25.67 Cr GBOC

Saturday – 26.10 Cr NBOC 33.67 Cr GBOC

Sunday – 29.23 Cr NBOC 37.71 Cr GBOC

Total: 108.37 Cr NBOC 138.55 Cr GBOC