Ravanasura Closing Collections

April 27, 2023

Ravanasura Closing Collections

Ravi Teja’s Ravanasura has opened to mixed reviews. The film was barely survived at the box office. The film theatrical rights were sold for Rs 22 cr but the film was able to collect only Rs 11.95 cr.

Here is Ravi Teja’s Ravansura closing collections in detail:

Nizam: 4 Cr share Ceded:Rs 1.5 cr share Uttarandhra: Rs 1.5 cr Guntur: Rs 0.85 cr East Godavari: Rs 0.85 West Godavari: Rs 0.55 cr Krishna: Rs 0.65 cr Nellore: Rs 0.4 cr AP/TS: Rs 10.25 cr ROI: Rs 0.65 cr Overseas: Rs 1.05 cr Worldwide: Rs 11.95 cr

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