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Rama Rao On Duty Review, Rating

Ravi Teja’s Rama Rao On Duty has been released in theatres. Ravi Teja don’t plan for proper release,he or the filmmakers of any film will announce the release date of his films just one month before its release. Sometimes, the film fails to create among the audience. Looks like same thing happened for Rama Rao On Duty. Here’s the review of the film:

Plot: Ramarao(Ravi Teja) is a Deputy collector and he is an honest cop in the film. Rama Rao fights against the red Sandalwood mafia in Chittor. How Jammi Murali(Venu) will help Rama Rao to curb the sandalwood mafia, how do they investigate the whole mafia business forms the story?

Performances: Ravi Teja looks dashing and handsome in a cop avatar. Ravi Teja had poor make up his age is visible on the big screen. Divyanshka and Rajisha Vijayan got a very much limited screen space, their characters don’t add any glamour to the film. It’s a great comeback of Venu, the zeal towards his craft is pretty same. Nassar, Rahul Ramakrishna, Naresh and other supporting cast are not fully developed. Few supporting cast are wasted in the film, director hasn’t used them well in the film.

Plus Points:

Other than a few scenes there’s nothing to mention about it

Minus Points:

Not sure how Ravi Teja accepted this script.

Verdict: Forgettable
Watch at your own risk

Chitraseema Rating: 2/5

Bottom line : Rama Rao out of Duty

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