Rama Banam Review, Rating

May 5, 2023

Rama Banam Review, Rating

Gopichand‘s Rama Banam has been released in theatres. Gopichand and the whole team’s promotions got wasted. The film is directed by Sriwass. If you are waiting for the review, here you go:

Plot: Vicky(Gopichand) who walks out of home by challenging to his brother Rajaram (Jagapathi Babu) that he would become rich. He won’t come back to home until he becomes rich. As Vicky planned, he becomes a big don in Kolkata city. Vicky won’t change for anyone but his weakness is his brother. Unfortunately, Vicky has to return to his brother. Why he suddenly comes back to his brother? To know the rest of the story, one should watch the film.

Performances: Gopichand does an honest job in the film, these kinds of roles are not new to him. Jagapathi excels in his role as a big brother. Dimple Hayathi shines in her roles. It is a delight to see Kushboo after a long time in movies.

Positives: Gopichand

Negatives: Outdated Story Poor Screenplay Dragged out sequences Weak First Half Direction

Verdict: Outdated Banam

Rating: 2

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