Puri Jagannadh To Collabrate With Nagarjuna

May 22, 2024

Puri Jagannadh To Collabrate With Nagarjuna

Renowned director Puri Jagannadh and superstar Nagarjuna have enjoyed a successful collaboration in the past with two films: ‘Super’ and blockbuster ‘Shivamani’. While ‘Super’ saw moderate success, ‘Shivamani’ turned out to be a blockbuster. However, after these two films, they did not collaborate on any projects except when working on films directed by others.

Puri-Nagarjuna Team Up After Two Decades:

Now, two decades later, news has emerged that they are set to reunite after two decades later, news has emerged that that are set to reunite for a new film. Recently, they discussed at Puri’s Annapurna studio, rumors suggest that Nagarjuna liked the storyline and agreed to join the project. The film is said to be a quintessential Puri Jagannadh-style action story with elements of fantasy.

Double Ismart And Kubera On Cards:

More details about this project are expected to be revealed after the release of ‘Double iSmart’. Currently, Puri Jagannadh is busy shooting another film starring Ram. ‘Double iSmart’, which faced delays due to the elections, is set to release soon after which the focus will shift to the Puri-Nagarjuna collaboration.

The script for their new film is ready and Nagarjuna is prepared to allocate dates for the project. At present, Nagarjuna is filming for Kammula‘s ‘Kubera’ and has completed his part. Additionally, he is working on a multi-starrer directed by a newcomer named Naveen. However, it appears that Nagarjuna is considering collaborating with Puri before starting Naveen’s film.

Puri Jagannadh is known for completing his films in a short span, usually within two months. This new film is planned to be produced at Annapurna Studios. Details of the project are still unfolding and we eagerly await more information.

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