Photo Moment: Adivi Sesh with his Past and Present Directors

May 28, 2024

Photo Moment: Adivi Sesh with his Past and Present Directors

Adivi Sesh stands out as one of the most reliable stars in the Telugu Film industry. In addition to his exceptional acting abilities, his prowess in writing serves as a significant strength. Success truly followed him once he began penning scripts for his own films. Currently, Sesh is actively involved in multiple projects and is also engaged in discussions for upcoming ventures.

In a recent update, Sesh shared photos featuring himself alongside directors from his past and present projects. The image showcases Ravikanth Perepu, Sashi Kiran Tikka, Vinay Kumar Sirigineedi, and Shaneil Deo from right to left. Notably, Ravikanth helmed “Kshanam,” Sashi achieved success with “Goodachari” and “Major,”.

Vinay Kumar is presently directing “G2,” which serves as a sequel to “Goodachari,” while Shaneil Deo is at the helm of “Dacoit,” a project featuring Sesh in lead roll. With Sesh’s recent track record, expectations run high for the outcomes of these two highly-anticipated films.

Sesh recently caught up with his director during a celebratory gathering for another friend, the talented music director Sricharan Pakala.

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