Pareshan Review, Rating

June 2, 2023

Pareshan Review, Rating

Young actor Thiruveer‘s Pareshan has been released in theatres. The film is getting mixed reviews from critics and audience alike. If you are waiting for the review of Pareshan, here you go:

Plot: Issac’s (Thiruveer) father Samarpan(Muralidhar Goud) works as a singareni employee. Issca is a road roam who doesn’t worry about his father’s struggle, he will be enjoying life by hanging out with friends. Issac’s father tries a lot to get his Singarenu job for his son, to happen that Samarpan has to pay a bribe to the officers. Samarpan gives all the money to his son, Issacn who doesn’t pay the amount, he gives to his friends who were in need. Issacn also has a physical connection with Shirisha that leds to become her pregnant. Issacn takes Sirisha to city for the tests. He calls his friend for the money, but no one will help him. Who will help Issac? What does friendship and love take? To know how does this end, then, you should watch the movie.

Performance: Thiruveer gives an incredible performance be it acting or getting under the skin of Issac’s character. Pavani also does a decent job. Muralidhar Goud shines in his role as a father. Can’t imagine anyone in Muralidhar’s place as a father for sure, no one would haven’t done better than him.

Plus Points:

Thiruveer performance Music


Flat narration

Verdict: Pareshan is old wine in a new bottle

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