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Maanas Rejects Priyanka Singh’s Love Proposal


Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestants Maanas and Priyanka Singh are generating content to the viewers with their special bond in the house. People would easily guess that Priyanka Singh is madly in love with Maanas. Yesterday, it was Priyanka Singh’s birthday in the house. She expressed her feelings to Maanas by proposing to him.

Unfortunately, Maanas has rejected Priyanka Singh’s love proposal. He also stated that he doesn’t have any feelings towards her. He always admires her as a friend. Priyanka is upset over Maanas’s words.

In terms of the show, Bigg Boss is planning for a family reunion episode. Shanmukh’s mother, Sunny’s mother, Siri’s son, and mom are under three days quarantine before they visit to the house. Bigg Boss Telugu 5 family reunion episode is all set to get telecast from Wednesday onwards.



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