Kajal Aggarwals Remuneration Goes Up After Marriage

December 11, 2023

Kajal Aggarwals Remuneration Goes Up After Marriage

Kajal Aggarwal Remuneration: In a departure from the common belief that actresses face a decline in market value after marriage, Kajal Aggarwal is challenging stereotypes and elevating her professional standing. Contrary to expectations Kajal not only sustains but enhances her worth in the industry debunking the notion that actresses should accept reduced pay scales post-marriage.

Amidst her current commitment to the film ‘Satyabhama’ Kajal has successfully negotiated a substantial fee of Rs 2.25 crores marking the pinnacle of her career earnings. This milestone renounces the prevailing narrative that actresses experience a financial decline after marriage.

Despite a decade long successful career in Tollywood with hits like Darling, Magadheera, Badshah, and Businessman, Kajal’s earning potential was until recently capped at Rs 1.5 crores even when working alongside superstars, as industry insiders reveal.

Recognizing the industry’s competitive landscape with emerging talents like Rashmika, Sreeleela and Mrunal Kajal not only secures substantial paychecks but also strategically selects roles to fortify her position in the dynamic entertainment sector. The challenge as noted by industry experts lies in consistently obtaining impactful roles as Kajal navigates through the ever-evolving entertainment industry dynamics.

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