Hema Arrested In Bengaluru Rave Party Case

June 3, 2024

Hema Arrested In Bengaluru Rave Party Case

Telugu actress Hema was arrested on Monday after testing positive for drug consumption at a rave party in Bengaluru. Initially, she misled the police about her presence at the event claiming she was not there. However, after her drug test came back positive she received a notice and was summoned to appear before the Anti-Narcotics Wing of the Central Crime Branch (CCB). When she failed to comply with police questioning authorities sought an arrest warrant against her.

Events The Unfoled In the Bengaluru Rave Party:

The investigation into the rave party held on May 20 at a GM farmhouse in Bengaluru led to the arrest of six individuals by the CCB. Sources like India Today News channel had access to additional FIR copies, the party was located near Electronic City and was attended by 73 men and 30 Women revealing that 59 men and 27 Women tested positive for drug use resulting in a total of 86 out of 103 attendees testing positive.

During the raid, police seized a substantial amount of illegal substances, including MDMA pills, MDMA crystals, hydro cannabis, and cocaine. In addition to the drugs, high-end cars, and DJ equipment, including sound and lighting gear worth Rs 1.5 crore, were confiscated by the authorities. The extensive bust highlights the ongoing efforts by the CCB to clamp down on drug-related activities and illegal rave parties in the region.

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