Gujarat High Court Grants Temporary Stay On Aamir Khan’s Son Movie Maharaj

June 13, 2024

Gujarat High Court Grants Temporary Stay On Aamir Khan’s Son Movie Maharaj

The trending hashtag ‘Boycott Netflix’ has been making rounds on social media platform X recently due to the upcoming release of Aamir Khan’s son Junaid Khan’s debut film ‘Maharaj’, co-starring Jaideep Ahlawat, scheduled to premiere tomorrow, June 14.

Many users on X have been calling for a boycott of Netflix and asking to ban the film ‘Maharaj’, claiming that Netflix is promoting ‘anti-Hindu’ content.

VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi joined the chorus by demanding a ban on the film, stating, “Won’t tolerate the disrespect of Sanatan Dharma. Ban Maharaj Film. #BoycottNetflix,” on X.

Several individuals raised concerns about religion being portrayed in films.  one user questioning the introduction of religion in a movie based on food a few months ago.  now criticizing the portrayal of Hindu saints in ‘Maharaj’.

Another user highlighted the poster of Maharaj depicting a man with religious symbols on one side and a modern-looking young man (Aamir Khan’s son Junaid) on the other, linking it to what they see as a pattern of anti-Hindu themes in Netflix series and movies.

The official description reveals that the film is set in pre-independent India and revolves around the Maharaj Libel Case of 1862 concerning allegations against a prominent figure.

Junaid Khan will play Karsandas Mulji, an advocate for women’s rights and social reform during his time at Elphinstone College in Mumbai under mentor Dadabhai Naoroji’s guidance.

With no teaser or trailer released so far, ‘Maharaj’ will directly premiere on Netflix tomorrow under the direction of Siddharth P Malhotra and production by Aditya Chopra for YRF Entertainment.

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