F3 Movie Review: Time pass comedy.

F3 Movie

Release Date : May 27, 2022

Starring: Venkatesh, Varun Tej, Tamannaah, Mehreen Pirzada, Sunil, Sonal Cauhan

Director: Anil Ravipudi

Producers: Dil Raju, Shirish

Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematography : Sai Sri Ram

Editor : Tammiraju

Story:Venky (Venkatesh) and Varun Yadav (Varun Tej) are ordinary guys with ordinary lives. Their struggle is all about money. One day they hear about a wealthy industrialist Anand Prasad (Murali Sharma), They attempt to get rich via the trap the rich girl scheme, only the rich girl happens to be Tamannah’s sister Mehreen, who have the same plan. One thing leads to another, and the group finds themselves in a tough spot in need of money to get out from. What happens when these frustrated folks cross paths with Anand Prasad makes up the rest of the movie.

Performances Venkatesh is the lifeline of F3, much like he was with F2. He literally eats anyone on-screen with him. Anil Ravipudi also knows the same, and he puts excellent use of the comedy timing of the star. The narrative is built involving many actors, but it is Venkatesh who stands out with the impeccable timing. Coming to Varun Tej, he seems to be well aware of the monster at the other end and never tries to overdo anything. He sticks to his characters, and that works well in standing alone. His character comes with a particular trait which requires a specific body language. Varun does well with it, but its ultimate success is more about the writing and scenes than his ‘act’ itself.

Analysis : As with F2, do not expect any logics in F3. Check In your thinking hats outside the theater and only expect to be treated to Director Anil Ravipudi’s trademark slapstick comedy. Where F2 dealt with fun and frustration in relationships, F3 shows us the fun(?) and frustrating sides of not having the money that you want. Using core cast from F2, Anil Ravipudi created a relatively engaging canvas with some laughs and no concrete story. The episodes where the characters end up in fits was good – use of old timer songs in the background is a nice touch. First half of the movie deals with establishing the characters and we get to see pretty much the entire cast of F2 reappraising their roles in same fashion.

Venkatesh leads the way with screentime through the entire movie. His comedy timing and antics with dealing with his night blindness are very funny. The track with Venkata Rao’s wife is a signature Anil Ravipudi’ creatives and expertly delivered by Venkatesh. Varun Tej does a good job with good Telangana accent dialogues and his stammer covering mannerism are top notch. After a long time, we see Sunil playing to his strength as the fun sidekick. Rajendra Prasad and Sampath Raj play corrupt cops and provide the subplot that further ties the characters together. Ali’s episodes generated some laughs. Second half of the movie deals with another scam to get their hands on Anand Prasad (Murali Sharma’s) money. With more laughs – some fun and some forced the movie makes its way to the climax episode. The expert use of movie parodies a treat to watch – albeit a bit too packed. May be could have cut down on a few of the parodies. Venky and Varun Tej excel with unique mannerisms. Sunil and Raghu babu do decent job as sidekick. Songs are not upto the mark. Editing could have been a bit crisper.

Verdict : F3 is an entertainer with Venky leading the way. Don’t expect any logic in the movie, Just keep your expectations in check and enjoy this time pass comedy.

Chitraseema Rating: 2.25/5