Euphoria: Gunasekhar Next is youth-oriented social drama.

May 28, 2024

Euphoria: Gunasekhar Next is youth-oriented social drama.

Gunasekhar, a well-known director in Telugu cinema, is currently going through a slow period. His most recent movie, Shakuntalam, featured Samantha in the leading role faced disaster at the box office. He has now revealed plans for a new film called Euphoria, described as a contemporary youth-oriented social drama.

Gunasekhar’s daughter, Neelima guna will produce the film under Guna Hand Made Films. Pre-production of the movie is currently underway, and filming is set to begin soon. The details regarding the cast and crew are being kept confidential for now.

Although Gunasekhar initially intended to work on a project titled `Pratapa Rudrudu` after release of Rudhramadevi, the plans were eventually abandoned. He then shifted his focus to a film called Hiranyakashyapa, which was supposed to star Rana Daggubati. However, after spending considerable time on pre-production, he decided to move on from the project.

Despite having high expectations for Shakuntalam, the film did not resonate with audiences as hoped. Now, Gunasekhar is turning his attention back to creating a youthful drama in hopes of achieving commercial success.

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