English Titles Have Become Curse To Akkineni Family

May 16, 2023

English Titles Have Become Curse To Akkineni Family

Akkineni heroes Nagarjuna, Chay, and Akhil are going through the worst phase in their careers, none of their recent outings performed well at the ticket counters. All their films have been registered as the biggest disasters.

The Akkineni heroes dint had a single hit for a couple of years, looks like the English titles have become a curse to these superstars. If one has observed All the latest releases of this trio had English titles, “Starting for Nag’s The Ghost, Chay’s Thank You and Custody, and Akhil’s Agent all these films had English titles.

A section of the audience slams that English titles don’t favour these stars, all their remarkable film has Telugu titles Manam, Bangarraju, Majili.

It’s to be seen whether they learn from their mistakes and prefer Telugu titles for their upcoming films or not.

Akhil Pan Indian film Agent and Chay’s Custody both the film’s screenings are getting cancelled in theatres due to poor bookings.

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