Dear Megha Review & Rating

September 3, 2021

Dear Megha Review & Rating

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Dear Megha Review & Rating

Release Date: September 3, 2021
Cast: Arun Adith, Arjun Somayajulu, Megha Akash, Pavithra Lokesh
Director: Sushanth Reddy
Producer: Arjun Dasyan
Music Director: Hari Goura
Cinematography: I Andre
Editor: Prawin Pudi
Art Director: PS Varma

Most of the filmmakers could be thinking remakes would do some favour at the box office. Sometimes, the other language films fail to grab the audience’s attention. If you are thinking about which film we are talking about, it is none other than Megha Akash’s latest release ‘Dear Megha’. It is an official remake of the Kannada hit ‘Dia’. If you are planning to watch, waiting for review, then here we go:

Plot: Megha Akash and Arjun are the collegemates. It is Megha who falls in love and she also loves him secretly. Due to some work, Arjun leaves for Singapore. She doesn’t get a chance to express her feeling to him. After thee years, Arjun accidentally meets Megha at Mumbai. Later, Megha confesses his feelings to Arjun, the latter will be shocked to know that she had feelings on him. Unfortunately, one major incident takes place in their lives. Megha will be alone, she can’t imagine her life without Arjun. She goes into depression, then, she will meet Adithya Arun. Will Megha and Arjun patch up together. Where did Arjun go? What will happen with Megha once Adithya comes back forms the crux of the story.

Performance: Megha Akash looks simple and superb in every scene. We have been seeing her acting style for the past few years. There seems to be no improvement. Truth to be told, Adithya did better than Akash. All the other supporting cast did justice to their roles.

Analysis: The whole teamwork is appreciated be it camera, graphic or anything looks unique. The content of the film seems to be routine for the viewers. The climax part is well received by the Kannada people but we don’t see Telugu’s audience will accept. The last minutes of the film will be seat edge thriller. It would have been nice if the makers would have did some changes in the script:

Verdict: Watch Dear Megha Akash only for some songs and a decent start. There’s nothing new in the film to offer for the audience.

Rating: 2.0