Box Office: Dozen Films lineup For Release This Weekend

March 15, 2024

Box Office: Dozen Films lineup For Release This Weekend

The upcoming weekend is poised to be a bustling affair at the box office with nearly a dozen films competing for viewership, each employing unique strategies to attract audiences. Among the released is ‘Sharathulu Vartistayi’ starring Chaitanya Rao, renowned for his hit film ’30 weds 21′, set against the backdrop of Karimnagar. Alongside, the agitation-themed film ‘Razakar’ will also hit theaters on March 15th.

Adding to the mix are Sairam Shankar’s ‘Vey Dharvey’, Divi Vadthaya’s ‘Lambasingi’, Trigun alias Adith Arun’s ‘Lineman’, Ananya Nagalla’s ‘Tantra’, and newcomer-packed film by Ravikula Raghurama, all scheduled for release on the same date. With several more movies joining the club, the total count reaches 10-15 releases, offering a diverse range of options for cinephiles.

While speculation abounds regarding which films will capture audience attention, those generating positive word-of-mouth may emerge as frontrunners amidst the competition. However, the following weekend brings the release of ‘Om Bheem Bush’ and ‘Aah Okkati Adakku’, which could potentially overshadow the current contenders at the box office.

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