Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Netizens slam Rathika for targeting Pallavi Prashanth

September 27, 2023

Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Netizens slam Rathika for targeting Pallavi Prashanth

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 contestants have been entertaining the audience with their gameplay, but the dynamics within the house are shifting, revealing the true colors of its occupants.

In the upcoming weeks, we can expect to see contestants give their best performances in tasks, especially physical ones.

Well, the contestants who are on the nomination list for week 4 elimination are Gautham, Prince Yawar, Subbu, Teja, Rathika, and Priyanka.

In yesterday’s episode, Rathika was seen yelling at Pallavi Prashanth about the situations in the first week.

It is known that in the first week, both Pallavi Prashanth and Rathika tried to run track in the house. It was clear that Rathika was comfortable with Prashanth on the track. However, in the second week, she drastically changed her stance and started blaming Prashanth for taking leniency over her and trying to project him in a wrong way. However, the audience knows the facts and supported Prashanth. They say that Rathika is the first one to go to Prashanth and provoke him, and later blames him.

In yesterday’s conversation, when Prashanth was trying to defend himself by questioning Rathika why she didn’t raise the objection in the first week itself, Rathika had no answer for it and shouted at him.

By this, Bigg Boss Telugu 7 contestants have slammed Rathika’s behavior and double standards, which is affecting Prashanth’s character.

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