Ahimsa Review: Boring And Outdated Film 

June 2, 2023

Ahimsa Review: Boring And Outdated Film 

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Producer Suresh Babu’s son and Rana Daggubati’s brother Abhiram Daggubati made his debut with Ahimsa, which is helmed by veteran director Teja. The film has been released in theatres today. Let’s check out whether the movie has impressed the audience or not. 

Plot: Ragu (Abhiram) is an Ahimsavaadhi who believes that problems can be solved in a peaceful way and he has immense respect for law and justice, meantime he falls in love with Ahalya (Geethika Tiwary) who is fierce and believes that violence is the best way to solve the problems. The two different ideologies live a happy life and aim to get married soon. But their destiny is somewhat different. A tragic incident that happens in their life pushes Raghu from Ahimsa to Himsavaadi and starts going against the law. Why Raghu turned violent? what is that tragic incident that happened to them? To know this one has to watch the film. 

Performance: Abhiram’s performance was decent in the film, the stress and the fear of making the debut was clearly visible on his face. Putting that aside Abhiram was good in fight scenes and impressed the audience with his dance steps. Heroine Geethika Tiwary’s role was dominating Abhiram in the film, she got a much more significant role in the film. Sadha’s role was very limited in the film. The rest of the cast were good in their roles. 

Technical Aspect: 

Ace director Teja is known for his remarkable love stories Jayam and Chitram directed this film, though he didn’t deliver such films in recent times, many thought that Teja would give a strong comeback with this flick. But all their hopes went in vain after the film got released. His direction in this film is not up to his mark, though it is emotional or love scenes, Teja failed to connect with the audience. The film had too much violence in it. Item number in the movie literally irritated the audience, as it was not required in the film which was full of action. Teja literally tested the patience of the audience with his poor direction. There are no exciting elements in the film from starting till the end. 

Senior Music director RP Patnaik composed music for this film, the poor music by RP is the major drawback of the film. Though it is the melody of terrifying BGM nothing was up to his mark. The editor went half-colour in the film. Overall the entire crew has failed to deliver a proper film. The production values are decent. 

What’s Hot: You find nothing hot in the film, as it’s a misfired film by director Teja. The movie has failed in all elements. 

What’s Not: Weak Story, Poor Narration, Music, Second Half. 

Verdict: Teja’s experiment is delivering a decent film has failed, one will definitely lose patience while watching the film. It’s better to avoid the film in theatres and OTT as well.

Chitraseema Rating: 1.5/5

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