Deep Fake Video: A Summary of Minister’s Statement on Social Media Compliance

November 26, 2023

Deep Fake Video: A Summary of Minister’s Statement on Social Media Compliance

The Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, stated on Friday that the government will provide assistance to citizens in filing First Information Reports (FIRs) against social media platforms for violations of Information Technology rules if users encounter objectionable content such as deep fakes(Deep Fake Video).

The Union Minister also noted that social media companies have been given seven days to align their terms of use policies with the IT rules.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) will develop a platform to allow users to report violations of IT rules by social media platforms. Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw stated this after meeting with representatives from major social media companies.

“MEITY will provide users with a straightforward way to notify the Ministry of any IT rule violations and will assist users in filing official complaints as needed,” the Minister said. Minister Vaishnaw emphasized that “there will be zero tolerance for non-compliance with IT rules going forward.

The Minister also noted that under Rule 7, a compliance officer will be designated to create a mechanism for users to submit complaints related to manipulated media, such as deepfakes. This will allow MEITY to take appropriate action on validated incidents of misinformation or disinformation spread through digital means.

The Rule Seven Officer will also create a platform to easily bring citizens’ notices, allegations, or reports of platform law violations to the Government of India’s attention. The Rule Seven Officer will then address the digital platform information accordingly. We will make it simple for citizens to report platforms’ law violations to the government. . he said.

The minister also stated that an FIR will be registered against the intermediary. If they disclose details about the content’s origin, then the FIR will be filed against the entity that posted the content. Deepfakes are highly realistic yet fabricated videos created through artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms trained on online footage.

Videos have sparked major concern about fake videos targeting celebrities and AI’s power to create deepfakes that can mislead the world.

Deepfake Video of Actress Rashmika Mandanna Under Investigation

The Delhi Police Department reported on Thursday that they have obtained key leads in their investigation into the deepfake video featuring actress Rashmika Mandanna. Officials are carefully analyzing these leads using technical methods. The viral video depicted a woman in a black workout onesie inside an elevator.

Her face had been edited using artificial intelligence to resemble Mandanna. As part of the technical analysis, authorities are identifying all IP addresses where the video was uploaded in order to trace the original source location on the internet, according to an official.

The Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations division of the Delhi Police previously filed a First Information Report on November 11th in response to a notice from the Delhi Commission for Women regarding this case involving unidentified individuals.

Since the fake video of Mandanna went viral, the government has strongly advocated for tackling deepfakes. The Ministry of Information Technology sent two letters to all social media platforms reminding them of their responsibility under Indian law to eliminate misinformation and deepfakes, as previously reported by Hindustan Times.

Earlier on Thursday, Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw met with social media companies regarding this issue. Calling deepfakes a new threat to democracy, he stated the government will soon introduce new regulations to address deepfakes.

The minister noted companies agreed on the need for clear, actionable work in areas such as detection, prevention, strengthening reporting mechanisms, and raising user awareness.

Last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the misuse of artificial intelligence in creating ‘deepfakes’ and said the media must educate the public about this emerging crisis and its potential to cause chaos in society.

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